Chicagoan to celebrate 110th birthday on News Year's Day

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Back in 1907, she was a New Year's Day baby. On Sunday, her family and friends are planning to throw Daisy Driss a party to celebrate her 110th birthday.

"It doesn't feel any different than when I was 99," she said. "The days go by and I go by with them."

The days have gone by since Driss was forced to retire as a Chicago Public School teacher in 1972 when she was 65. Since then, Driss has spent the years keeping her body and mind sharp.

"The minute we sit down for breakfast, we the read the paper cover-to-cover," Driss said.

Although, during the past year, Driss has slowed down a bit. Her failing eyesight has forced her caregiver to the read the paper for her, which doesn't make the very independent centenarian too happy.

"You must do things by yourself," she said.

In 2016, Driss celebrated her third Cubs World Series and voted for the 21st time in a presidential election.

"You vote. That's your right," she said.

A lifelong Democrat, Driss voted for Franklin Roosevelt in her first presidential election. When ABC 7 asked her about the outcome of the last election, she spoke her mind.

"There is nothing to think," she said. "He has no brains. It's not nice for me to say but the truth is the truth."

Driss said she doesn't have any secrets about living so long but she does have some advice.

"I do advise have faith in something and stick to it," she said.

While she is turning 110, according to Chicago Public Schools records, Driss will be 111. That's because she lied about her age to get a teaching job in 1927.

As for her flawless skin, there are no secrets there either. She said cold cream to take the makeup off and soap and water to wash her face.
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