1968 Democratic National Convention 50 Years Later

ABC7 Chicago takes a look back at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago and the protests that surrounded on its 50th anniversary. Here is our complete coverage:

Days of Rage: Timeline of the 1968 Democratic National Convention

Present-day DNC protesters say they're fighting the same issues 50 years later

'This is crazy, this is America': Protesters, police recall violence of 1968 DNC 50 years on

50 years later, activists remember bloody protests outside 1968 DNC

Retired Chicago police officers recall the chaos of 1968 DNC protests

Former Newsweek reporter recalls 1968 Democratic Convention riots

National Guardsman recalls guarding Hilton Hotel during 'Battle of Michigan Avenue'

Vietnam veterans honor soldiers killed overseas during 1968 DNC protests on 50th anniversary
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