Quick Tip: How to prevent 'Porch Pirates' from snagging packages

For shoppers ordering their Christmas gifts online, here are some tips for keeping your packages safe from the Grinch as they sit on your doorstep.

If you plan to take advantage of Cyber Monday or send someone a gift through the mail, then you need to protect yourself from "porch piracy."

Here are some things to consider:

--Send your package to the delivery company's pick-up stations. Amazon has lockers at Whole Food stores. Fed Ex and UPS have retail locations all over that will accept your package.

--Send your package to a family member or friend who is home or who lives in a housing complex where the package will be dropped off indoors.

--U.S. Postal Service customers can pick up valuable and perishable merchandise at a designated post office.

--Requiring a signature can add security as it provides a record of delivery and is available electronically.
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