Bail denied suspect in murders of Curry's ex, baby

February 23, 2009 4:36:04 PM PST
Police believe a lawyer is responsible for the shooting deaths of the ex-girlfriend of former Bulls star Eddy Curry and her infant daughter.A Chicago judge denied bail Monday for 36-year-old attorney Fredrick Goings.

Police allege the murders stemmed from an argument that got out of control.

The relationship between Nova Henry and Fredrick Goings started as a professional one. He was her attorney. Then, prosecutors say, it turned romantic, and then became abusive. They dated on an off, with Henry moving out of his apartment a month before she was killed.

"The family is very saddened by this senseless crime. it did not have to happen, it should have never happened," said henry family spokesperson Lisa Newman.

Newman says they have been left numb from the deaths.

Goings' attorney John Lyke, says his client maintains his innocence "irrespective of what you heard today, and we'll do our talking in the courtroom."

Prosecutors say on January 24, Henry's neighbors heard an argument, then gunfire. Henry was shot six times, Ava twice.

Police say evidence now links Goings to the January double homicide. A month ago, police found the bodies of Goings' girlfriend, 24-year-old Nova Henry and her 10-month-old daughter, Ava, dead of gunshot wounds in their condo.

Even a month later, the door remains sealed.

"They have two little ones, just about the same age as the ones over there, so, you know, obviously we were quite concerned about what was going on. And that was a major relief," said Lazlo Eger, neighbor.

Neighbors say they are relieved that Goings has been charged. Some had wondered if it was a random crime.

"Me and my roommate, we were really, you know, cognizant of the front door because we tend to leave it open because it's such a safe neighborhood,' said Eddie Patel, neighbor.

Nova Henry's 3-year-old son, Noah, was also there but uninjured. A family spokesperson says both children belong to New York Knicks center Eddy Curry, a former Chicago Bull and Thornwood High School player.

"I've been in contact with Mr. Curry and his agents and representatives, and he has been helpful," said Lt. Denis Walsh, Chicago Police Department.

Police initially questioned Goings shortly after the murders, but then they released him. Over the weekend, they confirmed DNA evidence and filed two first-degree murder charges against Goings.

"There were numerous search warrants. It was numerous hours of video that these detectives have reviewed. There was forensic evidence," said Detective Chief Thomas Byrne, Chicago Police Department.

Prosecutors say evidence includes a 380-handgun Goings legally owns.

"Inside his Range Rover was a live bullet, that live bullet was of the same caliber and the same manufacturer as the fired shell casings from the victims' apartment," said John Dillon, asst. state's attorney.

Authorities say Henry and Goings were romantically involved after he represented her in a paternity case with Eddy Curry. DNA tests show Curry is the father of both of henrys' children.

Prosecutors say Henry tried to end the rocky relationship with Goings, filing an order of protection that she later dropped.

"Family and friends of Nova Henry related that the defendant had threatened to kill her on more than one occasion," Dillon said.

Prosecutors say Goings has a history of domestic abuse, citing three convictions for battery in the 1990s. His next court date is March 12. Nova Henry's family says that is the day little Ava would have turned one year old.