Saturday Morning Extra: Pour Moi Climate Smart Skincare formulated to work with up and down weather

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Medical research has proven, that to maintain younger looking skin, you need pair your skincare, with formulations that work in YOUR LOCAL CLIMATE!

But what if you live in Chicago, where temperatures are erratic to say the least?

One day you're still wearing a down parker, the next day a jean jacket, and even those rare days when you're just in a sweater because Spring has sprung.

Climate Smart Pour-Moi, is a patented clean brand, made in France that formulates it's dream creams to pair with your local daily weather for remarkable results. In non-scientific terms.... you dress your skin like you dress yourself.

The 5-piece Smart Spring Kit enables YOU to do just that, during the fluctuating weather in Chicago.

It's everything you need to ensure that the Climate works in tandem with your skin and not against it.

And if you're not sure which cream to use, just use Pour Moi's easy innovative Cream Finder.

Simply scan the QR code on top of the day cream cap and it will instantly tell you the cream you should select.

The Special TV Offer is: Smart Spring Kit: Midwest
3-Step Rotating System: Midwest + and an Extra Half-Size bonus Day Cream
Special Pricing: $89+ FREE Shipping
Retail Value: $185

Happy Spring Awakening

Phone: 909-243-1456
Offer Good Through: March 31, 2022
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