Shop small, support big at this charming community bookstore

Café con Libros Press bookstore fosters community literacy, art and cultural expression. With its shelves filled with independent authors and diverse titles, the tiny nonprofit bookstore is a local favorite.

"Definitely cozy, you can walk around and explore," said Susana Acosta, a La Habra, CA, resident.

"This is more like a community space than a bookstore," said Kiese Kimbwala, a Pomona, CA resident.

Co-Founder Adelaida Bautista says the gift of reading is always a perfect holiday gift for anyone. She encourages people to come by and support Café con Libros.

"Independent bookstores serve a purpose in the community," said Bautista.

"It's important to support small businesses because they add a different flavor to the community," said Angel Gonzalez from La Verne, CA.

Gonzalez says Café con Libros provides a sense of much-needed warmth, especially during the pandemic.

Café con Libros relies on community support to thrive and survive.

Café con Libros Press
280 W 2nd St
Pomona, CA 91766