Chicago Auto Show 2021: Frequently asked questions

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The Chicago Auto Show, which began in 1901, is the largest auto show in North America. It has been held more times than any other auto show on the continent, staging its 112th show this year.



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What steps is the auto show taking to ensure my health and safety at the 2021 Chicago Auto Show?
The Chicago Auto Show is committed to providing a safe environment for all involved and will carefully adhere to the health and safety protocols and guidelines set forth by city and state officials.

The show's 2021 plan begins with an electronic ticketing process. Tickets for the 2021 Chicago Auto Show will be sold exclusively online. Attendees will be able to select their preferred attendance date and time utilizing timed entrance windows designed to carefully control crowd capacity throughout each event day. Show organizers will also intentionally regulate the number of attendees throughout the day to control the number of people on the show floor at any given time.

Masks are recommended for individuals who are not fully vaccinated.

Do I have to wear a face covering?
Masks are required for individuals that are not fully vaccinated. It is suggested that all attendees bring a mask in the event it is required for participation in one of the test tracks.

Do I need a physical ticket to get into the Chicago Auto Show?
You can show your ticket on your mobile device or bring a printed copy of your ticket.

Do I have to arrive at the beginning of my 4-hour time slot for entry?
For the quickest entry, it is suggested that you arrive within 30 minutes of the time you selected when you purchased tickets.

Is the time slot on my ticket for arrival only, or am I required to leave at the end of my time slot?
Your ticket is valid for the entire day you purchased. It may only be used once for entry, however.

Is my ticket good for more than one day of the Chicago Auto Show? Is my ticket good for same day re-entry?
Each ticket is valid for one entry into the show. Once a ticket is scanned, it is no longer valid. If you chose to leave and come back, that is permitted (just make sure to wear your wristband).

Do you offer any complimentary admission tickets to the Chicago Auto Show?
There are no discount or complimentary tickets for the 2021 Chicago Auto Show.

I bought tickets online for today but we're not able to go to Chicago Auto Show. Can we use them another day instead?
Because of COVID-19 protocols, unfortunately, the ticket is only valid on the date selected at the time of purchase.

What is the 2021 Chicago Auto Show ticket price?
Admission prices are as follows:
$13 for adults
$10 for seniors 62+
$10 for children 12 and under

All tickets must be purchased online, there are no ticket booths at McCormick Place. All Ticket Sales are Final.

Is an ID required to enter the Chicago Auto Show?
No, an ID is not required for entry. However, it may be required to participate in a test drive.

Can I still show my military ID to get in free or I need to buy a ticket this year?
Unfortunately, because of COVID-19 protocols, we are unable to provide any free tickets this year. All attendees must have a ticket that is purchased online.

Do I have to purchase a ticket for a 1 year old child?
Unfortunately, this year because of COVID-19 protocols, everyone must have a ticket to the show. Even infants. We'll go back to our normal policy for the 2022 show next Feburary.

I purchased tickets for July 19. I won't be able to make it. Can I give my tickets to someone else to use?
Yes, it appears that some of the COVID-19 restrictions that were implemented for our show will be relaxed. You can share your ticket email with a friend and they can use the tickets.

Will First Look for Charity be held at the 2021 Chicago Auto Show?
Unfortunately, current COVID-19 protocols prevent the Chicago Auto Show from hosting a First Look event in 2021. First Look for Charity will be back in 2022!

What are 2021 Chicago Auto Show's dates and hours?
The public show runs July 15-19. The show opens every day at 9 a.m. It closes at 10 p.m. except for the final day when it closes at 8 p.m.

Is there a phone number I can call with questions or problems?
The Chicago Auto Show general information line is 630-495-2282.

Is photography/videography permitted on the Chicago Auto Show floor?
Photography and videography is not only permitted, it is encouraged! Please feel free to take photos/videos of displays.

Are there limits to the types of cameras I can bring to the Chicago Auto Show?
Use of photography equipment that does not intrude on your fellow show-goers -- cameras, camcorders, camera phones and the like -- is fine by us. Just don't plan to take any crane shots, Mr. Spielberg.

Will there be coat or luggage checks available at the Chicago Auto Show? How much does coat check cost?
Yes, there are several coat and luggage checks available for your convenience. That price is controlled by McCormick Place. Generally it is less than $5 per item.

Are there designated smoking areas at the Chicago Auto Show?
The Chicago ordinance bans smoking inside all buildings as well as 15 feet within any building's perimeters. If attendees wish to smoke, they must exit McCormick Place to find designated smoking areas located 15 feet away from the building.

Are the restrooms at McCormick Place equipped with baby changing stations?
Yes, the majority of restrooms inside McCormick Place are equipped with changing stations.

This is our first Chicago Auto Show. Am I able to sit inside the vehicles?

Most every production vehicle on the floor is unlocked for attendees to comb through. One-of-a-kind concepts are for viewing only, and a few of the displays for high-end cars give unfettered access to select patrons.

Are backpacks permitted into the Chicago Auto Show?
Certainly; however, all bags are subject to search at the entrances to the Chicago Auto Show.

Is there a "Lost and Found" area at the Chicago Auto Show?
If any of your belongings are lost during your visit to the Chicago Auto Show, please check with McCormick Place security at (312) 791-6060.

Are cars on display at the Chicago Auto Show available for purchase?
No, the Chicago Auto Show is an exhibition only. However, product specialists are available to answer any questions you have regarding the vehicles on display. If you are interested in purchasing a new vehicle, representatives can help direct you to a dealer that is within a convenient location from your home or office.

Is free WiFi available at the Chicago Auto Show?
Yes! Free WiFi is available for show attendees.

Are there any indoor test tracks or outdoor test drives at the Chicago Auto Show? Is there an extra fee for participation on the indoor/outdoor test tracks at the Chicago Auto Show?

Yes. There is no cost for the indoor test tracks and outdoor test drives.

Is there a gift shop at the Chicago Auto Show?
There are merchandise stands in the lobby of McCormick Place that will have Chicago Auto Show memorabila for sale.

Are there any children's activities at the Chicago Auto Show?
Children are more than welcome at the show and there are plenty of activities and fun displays they can play with at various booths.

Are small dogs allowed at the Chicago Auto Show?
Only service dogs are allowed.

Will Mobility Works or any of the automobile manufacturers have wheelchair accessible vehicles on display at the Chicago Auto Show?
Yes, each year, there are wheelchair accessible vehicles on the show floor. We never know about these in advance, but they generally appear in the Ford and FCA commercial areas.

If you have a CCL can you have your Firearm with you in the Chicago Auto Show?
No, McCormick Place is a gun-free zone. All patrons are subject to search. It is unlikely that you will be able to bring a knife into the show.

Are selfie-stickies allowed inside the Chicago Auto Show for photos?

My reason for coming to the Chicago Auto Show is to see all the Teslas and prepare to buy one. Why are there no Tesla exhibits scheduled?
Thank you for your interest, we do not exclude any manufacturers. If an auto maker is not present at our show, it is because they have elected not to participate. We urge you to contact them and ask them why they feel they don't need to participate.
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