BGA provides snapshot into 2023 proposed Chicago budget hearings

Mayor Lightfoot introduced her proposed city budget on Oct. 3

ByTyra Whitney WLS logo
Saturday, October 8, 2022
BGA provides snapshot into 2023 proposed Chicago budget hearings
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This budget season, the BGA's policy team is providing snapshot analyses for each day of the Chicago City Council's departmental budget hearings.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Mayor Lori Lightfoot introduced her proposed city budget for 2023 on Monday, Oct. 3.

City Council is now meeting for departmental budget hearings over the next 12 days, which will consist of a question and answer session from the alderpersons.

The Better Government Association performed an analysis of the 2022 and 2023 proposed budget, and are providing snapshots from each hearing.

It found the budget shows massive administrative growth in the city's highest paying positions including deputy, and deputy managing titles - adding 45 Director or Commissioner level positions according to the BGA.

BGA Political analyst Geoff Cubbage said it's changing what city jobs look like.

"A lot of growth in this budget in terms of new positions is management or its tech," said Cubbage. "Those are different jobs and different skill sets than what we used to think of as sort of your default city jobs, you know filling pot holes, repairing pipes, picking up trash. More of the growth is happening in soft skills rather than laboring positions."

The budget also indicates a potential growth in hiring for City positions across the board. Citywide, there are 803 additional positions and the Department of Human Relations more than doubled its staff, adding a large number of recruiting and onboarding personnel, which indicates a larger hiring spree may be ahead.

The BGA's snapshot series will appear each day here.