Jeep full of gifts stolen as bride-to-be leaves River North shower

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A bride-to-be was left devastated after a car full of gifts was stolen outside her River North shower Saturday.

Karina, who declined to share her last name, celebrated her bridal shower at a River North restaurant. After the festivities were over, she and her future husband packed those shower gifts into their Jeep.

"Everyone was just hugging and kissing and saying goodbye," she recalled.

Within seconds, her Jeep and the thousands of dollars in gifts were gone. The family said they were shocked to see two teens hop into the car and take off.

"All of a sudden our Jeep starts driving away. Like, almost hits a car coming west," Karina said.

Her family called 911 and tracked the stolen car on a smartphone app, following the locations.

"Fullerton, Clybourne, Larabie then got off at the Austin exit," she recalled. "Up to Roosevelt, then they flagged down police in Berwyn to help them."

Along the way, Oak Park police said the two teens used Karina's Jeep to commit other crimes. They said the teens attacked and robbed an elderly woman. One teen was later arrested after police found the woman's purse inside the Jeep.

The couple said they waited nearly two hours for Chicago police. Second Ward Alderman Brian Hopkins said the incident is yet another example of lagging response times.

"You see situations like increased response times, delays in showing up when 911 is called, or even no-one shows up at all if it is a minor crime," he said.

Hopkins said there are just not enough police to get to the calls.
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