Bronzeville Italian restaurant hosts COVID vaccine pop up clinic for customers

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Truth Italian Restaurant in Bronzeville added something special to the menu Thrurday: COVID vaccines and booster shots.

"This is the perfect place to come and get my shot and get some breakfast," said Phillip Beckham, customer and Bronzeville resident.

The 56-year-old was one of dozens of patrons who received their vaccine or booster shot at the restaurant.

"This is where people come. You meet the people where they are at," said customer Don Larrue.

"Better safe than sorry 'cause you don't want to be somewhere and all of a sudden get sick," said Keith Campbell, dishwasher.

Vivian Harper, 35, received her first dose of Pfizer.

"I didn't really consider the loss of so many lives, folks getting sick," she said. "I just thought it couldn't happen to me and then all of a sudden, I got sick."

The popular eatery on Pershing Road is also trying not to lose customers on the heels of the city's proof of vaccine mandate.

"We already kind of lost the older crowd because they are more protective, and I was like now we're going to lose the youth because we have to card them," said owner Peytyn Willborn.

"We do count on people coming in to dine in," said George Willborn III, manager.

The effort is supported by the local alderman and several others, including the community empowerment organization the Greater Auburn Gresham Development Corporation.

"Since the mandate dropped down on us, we have seen a lot of people coming to get vaccinated," said Eric Christion, GAGDC regional coordinator.

Roughly 100 doses of Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson were provided by an Oak Park physician's group and administered by registered nurse Sylwia Jasniuk.

The restaurant owners said this will not be the last event like this that they do. They said it's simply their way of serving the community.
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