West Humboldt Park non-profit The Bloc burglary caught on video; electronics, van stolen

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Burglars busted into a West Humboldt Park non-profit's headquarters, stealing electronics and even a van, all caught on surveillance video.

The Bloc was formed to teach kids about boxing and provide them a safe space. Now they're bouncing back from this violation.

For the last five years, hundreds of boys and girls have come through this program, to train, do their homework, spend time together and become friends. But the Monday morning break-in is something they all say they will recover from.

The video shows several burglars stealing laptops, computers and credit cards.

"A lot of kids come here and this is the safest, most serene and peaceful place they can be in," said Jamyle Cannon, founder of The Bloc. "And to watch people waltz through here and take things that belong to our kids and our community, take things that we are using to build our community with. It's infuriating."

"We would watch boxing matches on the TV and I'm pretty sure they took that TV," said Jerry Cortez, member.

For students like Cortez, the burglary stings. The thieves even took one of the two vans they use to pick up and drop off students.

"We would have, like, music, and the person that drives us would bring a speaker and play like different types of music and genres," he said.

"Some people don't have rides. We provide that," Cannon said. "Technology, computers, people come here to do their homework."

As Aniyah Sutton sets her sights on her senior year of high school, and then college beyond that, she cherishes what the Bloc is teaching.

"It's definitely helped me outside in the real world. Especially with communications and judge mental things," she said.

Cannon knows his students won't flinch.

"We're not going anywhere. They know that The Bloc is secure, and they are the heart of this program," he said.
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