Pizza in Chicago vs New York City: Mayor's press secretary refuels debate about nation's best pie

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The pizza wars between Chicago and New York may be the ultimate food fight, and the latest battle in started with a tweet from the New York City mayor's press secretary.

Eric Phillips, press secretary for Mayor Bill de Blasio, referenced Pequod's Pizza on Twitter, tweeting, "This is the best pizza in the United States and it's not close."

The Lincoln Park pizzeria agreed with Phillips' top choice of pies, tweeting: "There's no doubt we've got the best pizza in the United States."

"We just have a unique recipe that brings people from all over. I've had people from Scotland come here and be like, 'We've been told this is the best pizza and we should have it while we're here in Chicago,'" said Heather Anderson of Pequod's Pizza.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel agreed, tweeting, "Confirming what everyone already knew, sorry."

New Yorkers aren't too pleased with one of their own siding with the Windy City. A newspaper there referred to Phillips as a "clueless Midwest native," and said "He's from Wisconsin."

"New Yorkers are a little testy about their pizza, so if anybody questions their pizza supremacy they get a little riled up," said Nick Kindelsperger, food and dining reporter for the Chicago Tribune.

David Axelrod, a native New Yorker, also weighed in social media, also casting his pizza ballot for his hometown.

"I know what real pizza is, real pizza is what you can fold over in a slice, you turn it this way and the oil drips off of it, and then you eat it," Axelrod said.

And simply walking down Michigan Avenue, ABC7 found Chicagoans and New Yorkers with some strong opinions on pizza.

"I like Chicago pizza, but I like the thin crust Chicago pizza, not the deep dish," said Joan Delott.

"I have not had Chicago pizza," said Peyton Kramp. But does she think there's a possibility Chicago's pizza could be the best? "I am going to say there's a chance, but it's really slim.

Pizza has given the mayor of New York City heartburn before. A few years ago he was caught eating his pizza with a fork. That's like putting ketchup on a Chicago hot dog; you just don't do that.
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