Chicago shooting: 4-year-old girl killed in apparent accidental shooting in Englewood

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A 4-year-old girl was shot and killed in Chicago's Englewood neighborhood Thursday evening.

Chicago police said the girl was in a home in the 6400-block of South Carpenter Street around 6 p.m. when another child in the home found a gun. Police said the weapon belonged to a visiting member of the family that lived there.

The gun went off, striking the girl in the chest. Chicago police indicated they believe it was an accident.

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She was rushed to Comer Children's Hospital where she was pronounced dead. The girl's mother was inconsolable, being comforted as best he could by Pastor Donovan Price.

"In this situation, time basically stops," he said.

The girl was identified as 4-year-old Makalah McKay.

Police said an adult at the scene was taken in for questioning, but did not provide any further details.

"This was inside the residence and we just need three things," said crisis responder Andrew Holmes. "Find out where that weapon came from, who that weapon belongs to, and why this weapon wasn't secured. "

The investigation is ongoing.
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