Deck the halls...on your face? Christmas tree eyebrows are the latest beauty trend

Some people get really into Christmas, decking out their house with holiday decor and donning Christmas-themed clothing, jewelry and now eyebrows.

Yes, eyebrows. Holiday devotees on Instagram are now decorating their brows to look like just miniature tannenbaums.

While offbeat brows are nothing new, this latest round of eyebrow innovation seems to have begun when Taylor R., a Hong Kong beauty guru with more than 320,000 Instagram followers, posted several photos and videos of her own Christmas tree brows earlier this week:

"Christmas Tree Eyebrows are here. Why stop at your sweater? Spread Christmas joy via your face," she wrote in one post.

To achieve her festive look, Taylor attached small, multicolored rhinestones to her brows, which she fanned out into the shape of a fir tree. She even added a gold star to the top of the 'tree,' and the look is all brought together with a cozy red Fair Isle sweater.

While the trend might not be for the faint of heart, it's inspired a legion of Christmas tree devotees from Poland to Chile to take their own swing at the festive brows. One user even added presents and functioning lights to her tree.

Other users have gone for a more understated look, using just makeup to pull off their ode to Christmas.

If you find yourself grinching out at a trend that seems a little too over the top, just remember: it's all the name of holiday cheer!
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