Class of 2020: Local high school senior reflects on struggles of graduating amid coronavirus pandemic

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The class of 2020 graduates are dealing with unimaginable obstacles and an education system that's turned upside down.

Despite the challenges, one family in Chicago's Austin neighborhood is making the most of it.

Learning from home is certainly not the way Allie Davis thought she'd be spending most of her senior year, but COVID-19 forced her school to shut down just like others across the county.

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"In the beginning, it was definitely very emotional," Davis said. "A lot of tears were shed between me and my friends."

"I often tell her I'm as excited as she is about senior year, so to see that snatched from her and watch the tears was emotional for me also," said her mother, Rose.

Davis will soon be graduating from Trinity High School in River Forest, and head to Mizzou. In the meantime, the outgoing and focused young lady said all the e-learning has taken some getting used to.

"Especially since my favorite type of classes are discussion- based," she said, "and even though we do these Zoom meetings, they are for shorter periods of time so we can't really go as deep as we can in a classroom."

Davis said the social aspect has also been a struggle.

"That's been hard, luckily me and my friends are willing to stay up late to talk to each other and we'll find different periods through-out the day to just talk to each other," she said. "We will text, we will send Tik-Toks."

It's not just in-person lessons Davis is missing. She also didn't get a chance to have her prom or graduation ceremony. But no matter how unusual things are right now, her family is determined to make positive memories.

"Every night we have mommy-daughter time where we find a movie, find a show, no matter what's going on," Rose said. "I've learned to appreciate the moments I have with her now."

When asked if the due is sick of each other yet, they both laughed and said, "That's an interesting question."

"We've not gotten to the point where we want to kill each other yet. I know there are points where she will say "I just need my space," Rose said.

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They said it's actually been quite the opposite and that the chaotic senior year has caused them to grow even closer, especially as graduation approaches and Davis gets ready to leave for college.

"We've been blessed with her; to kind of see her turn into this woman, for me is so delightful and I tell people every year on Mother's Day instead of her thanking me for being a mother, I try to thank her for allowing me to be her mom," Rose said.

Davis is just one of the many students who are showing grace in the middle of a pandemic.

"Obviously you are going to have moments where you're sad about it, but teenagers across the world have the ability to just make the best out of the situation. How strong everybody was during this," Daivs said.

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