Coal City tornado 911 calls released

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Monday, July 6, 2015
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Newly released 911 calls from Coal City show the terrifying aftermath of June's tornado outbreak.

COAL CITY, Ill. (WLS) -- Newly released 911 calls from Coal City reveal the terrifying immediate aftermath of June's tornado outbreak. A subdivision in Coal City was ripped apart by a tornado exactly two weeks ago.

The calls came into the Grundy County Consolidated 911 Center. As operators fielded the calls, they tried to keep victims calm.

Caller: Excuse me, my house just got hit by a tornado.911: Is everybody out of residence, anybody trapped anywhere?Caller: My father in law is trapped, please hurry, please hurry.

The panic is evident in people's voices as they begged for help. One man was out of breath as he explains to the operator that his house is destroyed and he is stuck.

911: Are you stuck in the house Nathan? Nathan, Nathan talk to me honey, are you OK?

Caller: I can't get out of the back door.

911: You can't get out the back door? Ok I'm going to get someone headed to you

Another resident was crying as she called for help.

Caller: The tornado hit911: Are you hurt?Caller: No, my living room is gone, my dining room is gone. this is a seniors' complex.

While no one was killed, the 911 calls show how dangerous the situation was moments after the tornado touched down.

Caller: My house is gone, there is gas everywhere, my family did get out ok, but gas is everywhere.

Because they were so busy, there were some calls that clearly annoyed the 911 operators. One came from a man who identified himself as the coal city former mayor. He called to report that a tornado had hit the town. The operator told him she knew about the tornado and that the 911 center was swamped.