Chicago high school students sit down with cops to build better relationship

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Students from North Lawndale College Prep High School are flipping the script by talking to police officers about how to peacefully interact with members of the community they serve.

The student group called "Peace Warriors" shared their experiences, both good and bad, with the officers.

Police said it's an experience that has given them takeaways they'll use on the job.

"I think today was about building a bond between officer and citizen," said Jeneca Jones, a student "Peace Warrior."

The "Peace Warriors" met with Chicago Police officers Thursday to share their experiences and learn from each other.

"It just really got us a chance to really feel for one another. Strip all titles so we could have a talk," said student Rahmier Williams.

Williams called the conversation "the first good interaction with police in all my life of living."

Every week, the "Peace Warrior" students hold a march on the corner outside of North Lawndale College Prep. It's a show of force for good and a way for them to build bridges between the community and the 10th district police officers.

Officer Jamil Brown said it's an effort that's working.

"Does it feel like they're kind of teaching you today too a little bit?" asked ABC7.

"They are. They are. They really were," Brown said. "It's important that we reach out and rebuild those relationships because that's how we begin to change this city."

"Strength, courage, dedication, that's in the spirit of all of us," said Officer Dave Vasquez. "And we just miss it when we fail to seek common ground."
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