Tips for diabetes prevention for Diabetes Awareness Month

CHICAGO (WLS) -- November is Diabetes Awareness Month, and the American Diabetes Association is getting the word out. Twenty-nine million Americans have the disease; but as many as seven million of them don't even know it. Diabetes is on the rise in Illinois. The disease is a major cause of heart disease and stroke. The CDC says Diabetes is also a leading cause of kidney failure, and new cases of blindness among adults.

The good news is Diabetes is preventable and manageable. The latest nutrition guidelines from the ADA are actually quite similar to the healthy eating recommendations for everyone else. Modest weight loss may provide clinical benefits (improved blood sugar, blood pressure, and/or blood lipid levels) - especially those early in the disease process. Registered Dietitian, Pat Baird, joined ABC 7 Eyewitness News to discuss ways to eat healthier, and prevent diabetes.
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