Guide helps students with learning differences pick the right college

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Tis the season for college applications and there is an important tool parents and students can use to help narrow down their college choices.

The K and W Guide to Colleges for Students with Learning Differences can help families work their way through the college application process and find a school where their child will be successful and happy.

"I think the name is interesting. 'The K & W Guide for college bound students with who learn differently,' so they are students first, they are college bound and they just happen to learn differently," said Marybeth Kravets.

Imy Wax and Marybeth Kravets are the co-authors of the guide. The two decided to join forces to create the book for a variety of reasons.

"It's a combination of opportunity. My desire for my own children, kids I was seeing in my practice, Marybeth that was working at the high school and also had students that were not very different from my own children. So together we decided that there was a need. We wanted to know that there was a future for students who learn differently," Wax said.

The guide offers more than 300 schools with programs or services for students with ADHD, ASD or Learning Disabilities broken down into three parts.

"We put it into three levels. We felt that there are colleges as Marybeth said that federal funding so they have to offer something. Then there are colleges that offer a lot more but you don't necessarily have to pay extra for it and yet it has more depth. Then there are colleges not only have a program but you can pay more to have even that much more individual opportunity," Wax said.

Students like Chase Williams say the guide has helped him make confident decisions about his future.

"When I was looking through schools it was like oh these are the schools that will cater to my ADHD or to someone else's dyslexia or something like that. Everybody who learns differently because everybody learns differently should use this guide because it's helpful for everyone. It kind of like narrows down what you need specifically and what schools can provide that for how you learn, how your brain works," Williams said.

So what colleges did Chase choose? He's applied to Tulane, Wesleyan, Emerson, NYU and Syracuse. We wish him the best of luck.

For more information on the guide, click here.
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