Macy's intergalactic flower show opens Sunday at State Street store

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Macy's annual flower show is go-for-launch this weekend, taking visitors on an intergalactic adventure called the "Journey to Paradisios."

This year's theme plays up 1950s sci-fi with a rocket ship, wacky alien sculptures, and of course, plenty of flowers.

"When customers come in here, they're going to be in a fully immersive experience full of hundreds and millions of plants and flowers here at Macy's on State Street," said Carolyn Cohen, a media relations director with Macy's.

There will also be themed cooking demonstrations and fashion shows tied in with the flower show over its two-week run.

The show also launches in New York and San Francisco based on the same theme. But Macy's visual manager Brian Peluso said the State Street displays themselves will be one-of-a-kind.

"It's when we get to be the most creative out of the entire year. You get to see all of the team's, their talents, shine," Peluso added.

Also new this spring: Columbia College student-made pieces, helping showcase young artists' work in the iconic Walnut Room, known for Macy's Christmas Tree display.

"To have a piece of my own art in that room where the tree is... is kind of surreal," said Columbia senior Julia Schneider as she worked on finishing her project.

The show's grand opening is Sunday here in Chicago as well as in New York and San Francisco.
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