'Fantastic Adventures' YouTube star charged with child abuse; allegedly forced 7 adopted children to act in videos

MARICOPA, Ariz. -- Police in Arizona have arrested a YouTube star known for making videos featuring her seven adopted children.

Machelle Hackney's YouTube channel "Fantastic Adventures" has millions of views, but what her subscribers didn't see was the abuse behind the scenes.

Instead of nurturing the children, Maricopa police said Hackney physically mentally and sexually abused the kids.

All of it came to light after a tip from Hackney's older biological daughter KNXV reports.

Now, Hackney is calling her jail cell her new home after she is charged with child abuse.

According to law enforcement officials, Hackney's children claim they were physically abused and pepper-sprayed if they refused to participate in the YouTube videos.

When officers arrive, they said the kids told them they had not had food or water in days.

The kids also told police Hackney would lock them in closets for days with no bathroom or food. They said their adopted mother would make them take ice baths, beat them with objects, and physically abuse their genitals.

The kids said they were pulled from school to act in videos.

Hackney's older biological sons were in the videos too. They're now with their mother behind bars for failing to report the abuse.

A source close to the investigation said Department of Children Services has been called to the home more than five times. They now have custody of her seven adopted kids.

Hackney denies the allegations.