Naked woman rescued from Fla. storm drain after reported missing weeks earlier

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. -- A Florida woman was found trapped in a storm drain after being reported missing nearly three weeks ago.

"This was by far one of the most bizarre incidents that our officers have responded to," said Ted White, the public information officer for Delray Beach Police Department.

A 911 caller reported hearing yelling from below ground, seemingly from a storm drain Tuesday morning, prompting Delray Beach Fire Rescue and police to rush to the scene, reported WPBF.

"When they got there they did, in fact to their surprise, find a woman stuck in that storm drain," said Dani Moschella, spokeswoman for Delray Beach Fire Rescue.

A special operations team removed the grate, lowered a ladder about eight feet and used a harness to hoist the woman to ground level.

"She was unable to stand up. She didn't have any clothes on. She was very dirty. She had some superficial wounds. Her knees were all scraped up," Moschella added.

The woman was transported to Delray Medical but questions remain as to how long the woman was there in the storm drain.

"This started out as a missing persons case out of the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office. The woman was reported missing on March 3rd," White said.

Police said she told them she had been there for more than a couple of days.

"She did get checked out by health officials and according to their observation, it doesn't appear that she had been in the storm drain system of a significant amount of time," White added.

Delray Beach police say they continue to investigate the incident even though no crime appears to have been committed.