Grandfather's ashes blown away by Hurricane Michael found months later

MEXICO BEACH, Fla. -- A Florida woman thought her grandfather's ashes were lost to Hurricane Michael. Nearly four months later, his ashes were found - plastic bag intact.

Police and clean-up crews in Mexico Beach, Florida are still working to return thousands of lost items to residents impacted by the hurricane last October, WMBB reports.

Lorie Spann-Smith's grandparents built their home in 1988. After the storm, all that was left was the foundation. She thought everything inside was lost, including her grandfather's ashes.

"I never thought in a million years we'd get the phone call we got last week," Smith told WMBB.

Mexico Beach Police Chief Anthony Kelly said he was notified Monday afternoon that a bag of crematory remains had been recovered. A rusty tag helped connect the ashes to Smith's family.

"Very unique. I can honestly say, in 34 years in law enforcement, I've never received a call like that," Kelly said. "It's just amazing beyond words that the plastic bag that contained him was able to be strung a good distance from this location."

Smith's grandmother died in January. She said her grandparents always hoped to be released into the gulf together. Now they will be.

"Hurricane Michael couldn't part this couple," Kelly said. "They're back together as they should be."