Black-owned business brings flavor to any practically dish without sacrificing health

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A daughter's love for her mother and a passion for eating healthy created a Black-owned business that is thriving.

Itona Scott's created Essie Marie's Dressing and Marinade which is heart healthy, vegan and low on salt.

There are five different flavors.

Itiona Scott is the owner and chef.

Scott describes herself as a "food-preneur," a twist on the word "entrepreneur."

Scott lost her mother to heart disease at a young age, which fueled her commitment to healthy eating.

"At 15 years old I lost my mom to undiagnosed heart disease. As I held her hand and she could barely breath, she looked me in the eye and said, 'Make something of yourself.' This is why I created my salad dressing and marinade company," Scott said on her company's website. "This is why I used her recipes but gave them a heart healthy twist. And this is why I name the company Essie Marie's (after Mom.)"

"She may have left this physical world when I was 15, but I hear her voice every day," Scott said.

Scott's dressing and marinades are available both online and in stores.
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