Kelly Ripa's 'Live Wire' book tour coming to Chicago's Athenaeum Center

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Thursday, October 6, 2022
Kelly Ripa's 'Live Wire' book tour coming to Chicago
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Kelly Ripa is coming to Chicago to promote her new book called "Live Wire." She'll be at the Athenaeum Center on Saturday night.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- TV personality and talk show host Kelly Ripa is now adding "author" to her list of accomplishments.

The host of "Live with Kelly and Ryan" said her new book called "Live Wire" is a collection of short stories from her journals about her life from childhood to working her way into New York City.

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"It's really very personal, very poignant," Ripa said. "I hope people take a lot of humor away from it, and maybe learn a little more about me possibly than what they know from watching the morning show."

Kelly Ripa will be in Chicago Saturday, Oct. 8 at the Athenaeum Center on Southport. Tickets are available online.

And it's not the first time Ripa has visited Chicago over marathon weekend.

"I was in the Chicago Marathon once, but not really," Ripa said. "We went on an eating tour, which was the greatest. The pizza is unbearably delicious and as a transplant New Yorker for almost 35 years, it's hard for me to acknowledge anyone else's pizza."