Social media account threatens Chicago high school: 'I'm going to shoot up LPHS'

'I'll be bringing a highpoint to school to shoot the kids that annoy me and I'm explaining how I'm going to do it,' the post said

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Wednesday, February 9, 2022
TikTok announces new safety guidelines after school shooting threats
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TikTok announced new safety guidelines after school shooting threats circulated on the platform in December 2021.

CHICAO (WLS) -- A person threated to shoot students at Lincoln Park High School through a social media post, the Chicago Police Department said Wednesday.

"I'll be bringing a highpoint to school to shoot the kids that annoy me and I'm explaining how I'm going to do it," the Instagram post said.

The person said they would bring a gun to school on Friday and "shoot up LPHS," according to a screenshot provided by Chicago police. The post told others to "warn [their] friends," saying "idc who you are."

The person who made the threat said they would arrive at school late so they could "pass through the metal detectors without opening [their] bag." They planned to go to the teachers' bathroom to load the gun and "start from there."

The person said they would then go through a sewer tunnel open due to construction and leave bag there with clothes to change into so they wouldn't be recognized after the shooting.

"They will never know," the social media post said.

The high school's principal, Dr. Eric Steinmiller, issued a statement to parents Wednesday. He said the school will be taking extra safety precautions during classroom transitions and at dismissal. Doors not used for entry or transition will have their alarms active, he said.

"We have been made aware of a social media threat against LPHS. We take all threats extremely seriously and have followed CPS protocol by immediately contacting the district's Office of Safety and Security," Steinmiller said. "If anyone is made aware of threats to our school, we ask that you please do not spread rumors online, and instead contact us immediately so that the threat can be investigated."

Police did not provide further information about the threat.

In December, an unfounded threat of school violence spread on social media app TikTok prompted several Chicago area school districts to respond. TikTok announced updates to the app Wednesday they said will expand upon types of content that will be removed from the platform.

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State Sen. Elgie R. Sims, Jr., D-Chicago, has moved legislation to establish the Safe 2 Help Program, a hotline designed to receive reports from the public regarding potential self-harm or criminal acts directed at schools, students or school employees.

"We cannot wait for another tragic event to happen in our schools," said Sims. "This is a key step in the intervention process that will not only protect our students from planned attacks but will also help develop police-community relations."

Senate Bill 3936 passed through the Senate Education Committee Tuesday and awaits further consideration.

The Gary Community School Corporation announced Wednesday it added new measures to increase safety and security in schools.

Those measures include increasing local law enforcement's access to school buildings footage, requiring staff to wear ID badges and checking in visitors through a safe visitation system. The GCSC also announced additional crisis intervention trainings and required safety meetings for staff and security. To include families, the security team also hosts safety meetings to build better relationships between law enforcement and residents.

"As the district continues to improve, security remains a top priority," said Colonel Richard Ligon, GCSC security team co-director. "We are exhausting every option because our students, staff and visitors deserve to feel safe every time they come to a school building."