Lou Malnati's Pizzeria offers 'Louie Cream Sauce' white pizza for limited time

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Tuesday, October 11, 2022
Portillo's, Lou Malnati's team up on Italian beef deep dish pizza
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It's Lou Malnati's pizza crust, plum tomatoes and Wisconsin cheese, topped with Portillo's Italian beef and sweet peppers or hot giardiniera.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Lou Malnati's Pizzeria is offering a pizza with white sauce for a limited time, the restaurant chain announced on Monday.

The pizza launched this week, featuring "Louie Cream Sauce," which the company said is a Malnati family recipe. The sauce is topped with mushrooms, spinach mix, red onions and extra Wisconsin mozzarella cheese.

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It will be available throughout the Chicago area in both deep dish and thin crust through the end of the year.

It is the first time in its 50-year history that Lou's has offered a white pizza on the menu and the company said it is excited to share it with hungry fans.

"While we always have our time-tested favorites, we're really excited to serve this delicious family recipe cream sauce on our pizzas for the first time, with a classic mix of complementary toppings," said owner Marc Malnati. "We're inspired to hear what our customers think of the new Lou's White Pizza. After 50 years, we think it's important to stay innovative, relevant and continue to offer new culinary favorites on the menu."

For more information, visit LouMalnatis.com.

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