Mexican Consulate in Chicago now issuing identification documents for transgender people

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The Mexican transgender community is marking a major milestone. Those living in the U.S. can now change their birth certificates to correspond with their gender identity.

The Consulate General of Mexico in Chicago hosted a ceremony Tuesday morning to celebrate.

"We feel like we are women. We are trans women and our birth certificates now says female," said Karla Guzman Wong, who received an amended birth certificate.

So far more than a dozen people have applied to change the gender on their birth certificate, according to consulate officials in Chicago.

Last month Mexico's consulates were approved to start issuing amended birth certificates for transgender people. They no longer have to travel back to Mexico to make the change.

"My name is Karla. I always feel like Karla. And I came here to get my birth certificate with my gender and my name and passport and my government ID," Guzman Wong said.

D'Eva Longoria is a trans rights activists who helped spread the word about the ability to amend official documents.

"I took it upon myself to reach out to all these trans women that I know and I asked them if they were interested in getting their name changed." she said. "Of course everyone said yes."

Longoria called it life changing and said now transgender men and women will see themselves properly reflected on their identification.

"As they got their birth certificates I saw the emotion. I was like you will never forget this because it will change your life. It is a psychological change as well," she said.

Guzman Wong said the change will make life much easier when she shows her identification.

People can apply to amend their birth certificate with the Mexican Consulate in Chicago by emailing
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