'We're just trying to make a living': Jewelry store robbery in California caught on video

Montclair, CA smash-and-grab cost store $200K

Tuesday, August 30, 2022
CA jewelry store robbery caught on video
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The store's owner said the thieves made off with $200,000 in merchandise.

MONTCLAIR, Calif. -- A brazen smash-and-grab robbery at a jewelry store in California was caught on video.

It happened last week near Los Angeles, in the city of Montclair, KCAL reported.

The store's owner said the thieves made off with $200,000 in merchandise.

Smash-and-grab robbers could be seen sending display case glass flying at jewelry store employees who crouched down to protect themselves.

The thieves wore hoodies and wielded hammers to carry out their heist inside the Montclair mall.

"We're just trying to make a living," said Ed Haro, owner of Anthony & Co. Jewelers.

Haro said the store is a family-owned business, and that salespeople all over the state are tired of wondering if they'll be robbed when they go to work.

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"You're risking other people's lives; you're risking your own! Wake up. There's no easy way out! We all gotta work for a living. We gotta figure out ways to make money, but not that way!" Haro said.

Meanwhile employee Griselda Martinez decided to fight back, by multi-tasking.

"I like to put up a fight, so I started throwing what I could while I was waiting for 911 to respond," Martinez said.

Security video shows her picking up the phone to call 911 and then picking up a calculator and chucking it at the suspects.

Unfortunately, one of them threw the calculator back and hit Haro in the face.

"It hit me, but I'm still alive," he said.

Haro said the theft will haunt these guys whenever they decide to grow up.

"Maybe later on you'll get married, have a wife. You think you'll be proud of that? No! Go to college! Learn a trade," he said.

It's not clear if police have made any arrests in the robbery.