Naperville election results: Scott Wehrli wins mayoral race after Benny White concedes

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Wednesday, April 5, 2023
Benny White concedes to Scott Wehrli in Naperville mayor race
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The Naperville mayoral race was won by businessman Scott Wehrli after Councilman Benny White called him to concede.

NAPERVLLE, Ill. (WLS) -- Councilman Benny White conceded the Naperville mayor race to businessman Scott Wehrli Tuesday night.

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White could have been the city's first Black mayor, a testament to its changing demographics.

Wehrli, whose family has deep ties to Naperville, voted Tuesday afternoon. Both he and White are running on campaigns that put public safety first and business and commerce second.

Wehrli said his business expertise and experience as a part time district police officer sets him apart from his opponents. He said he can have peer-to-peer conversations to bring in business and knows what police officers deal with on the streets.

White, a West Point graduate who spent 22 years of service in the army, said he is totally qualified to lead the city and its police force. He also touted efforts to raise tax revenue for the city.

Tiffany Stephens got a late start to the campaign, polling far behind the other two candidates.

One point where the two leading candidates differ is Naperville's ban on assault weapons sales. White was on the council and voted to pass that legislation, saying something needed to be done. Wehrli said the ban does nothing to protect Naperville from a mass shooting.