Naperville man, 21, says he was stabbed while trying to stop looters

NAPERVILLE, Ill. (WLS) -- Jai Taylor has more than 20 staples on his stomach.

The 21-year-old said he was stabbed when he tried to stop the violence that erupted in downtown Naperville on Monday night.

"I couldn't see their face. They were wearing masks and they were coming around and throwing bricks at the Apple store and looting," Taylor said.

"'Just keep it peaceful,' putting in my two cents," he recalled.

That's when Taylor said a man stabbed him with what he says doctors believe was a large shard of glass from a broken window.

"I ran down the street and fell out in front of the Starbucks," Taylor said.

Taylor described his vision narrowing and his body feeling cold.

"I prayed and then I was conscious all the way to surgery," Taylor said.

The City of Naperville told ABC7 that Taylor's account matches up with their evidence and witness statements.

Taylor said officers stayed with him until an ambulance came.

"I'm pretty sure the cops thought that I was looting and rioting and I was stabbed while I was doing all of that," he said.

"I know what you're thinking but don't let me die here. They were patting me down in the ambulance to see if I stole anything," Taylor recalled.

Taylor grew up in Naperville.

He said the people who were committing the crimes and creating chaos were not there to protest.

"Me knowing Naperville, I know that these kids were out there to instigate," he said. "So lame to be bro, so lame."

Taylor hopes police find the man responsible soon.
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