Online flower delivery: 1-800 Flowers, FTD and ProFlowers put to the test ahead of Valentine's Day

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Valentine's Day is less than two weeks away and the ABC7 I-Team placed orders with three different online flowers.

Did they get what they paid for and did the flowers hold up? Samantha Chatman has the results.

A dozen roses were ordered from three popular floral websites: FTD, ProFlowers and 1-800 Flowers.

All three companies have satisfaction guarantee policies and they each offered next day delivered.

On, Chatman ordered the 12 red roses with a glass vase and according to the website, they'll "last for at least seven days."

With a next day and morning delivery selection and an extra $10 for a vase, they came out to about $84 total.

The flowers came in a box with the flowers and vase inside. Chatman and Investigative Producer Ann Pistone assessed the flowers and agreed the pedals looked intact and the leaves were firm.

The stems were cut, the vase filled with water, food was added and all directions that were provided were followed.

Next up was, which also has a seven-day guarantee on all orders.

With a next day, morning delivery and clear vase option, the flowers were a bit cheaper at about $71. The arrangement also came on time and in a box.

After following the instructions, Chatman and Pistone said the leaves weren't as firm as the others and they were a little wilted.

Last but not least was I-800 Flowers. At the time ABC7 ordered they did have a next day delivery option, but didn't have a morning delivery option, so they arrived a little later in the day.

With a $10 vase, the 1-800 Flowers came out to $71 as well. But they do have a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee "No questions asked."

The delivery came on time, in a box and like the others, all of the instructions were followed.

They looked full and the leaves appeared to be firm.

All of the arrangements were roughly the same length, arrived on the same day and sat in the same spot.

Pictures were sent to all of the flower companies.

ProFlowers reported about the arrangement after Chatman and Pistone said they had wilted leaves.

FTD and Pro FLowers issued a statement saying, "With flowers, as with any perishable product, there may occasionally be issues. We are 100% committed to making it the best experience for you and all our customers. That is why we have our guarantee....FTD has been committed to helping our customers express emotions through flowers for more than 100 years. Each year, and ProFlowers.comproudly deliver millions of beautiful arrangements to our customers delight. We back our commitment to delivering fresh, beautiful floral arrangements with our "Good As Gold" seven-day satisfaction guarantee. If our customers are not satisfied with the quality of their flowers, we encourage them to contact us within that time period for a replacement. With flowers, as with any perishable product, there may occasionally be issues. Since both of your orders were shipped direct from the farm, they do have special care instructions which is included in all packaging. Flowers shipped direct from the farm do need some time to bloom to achieve their maximum fullness. As with all fresh flowers, it is best to trim the stems upon receiving it and add the flower food to fresh water to properly hydrate the product.

ProFlowers said they will be sending another bouquet this week.

1-800 Flowers issued a statement saying, "Our team is obsessed with providing gift-givers and their recipients an exceptional experience. If there is ever an instance where it is not, you can be confident we'll make it right with our 100% Smile Guarantee."
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