FBI raids home of former Madigan operative Kevin Quinn

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A former political operative for House Speaker Mike Madigan is now the subject of a federal investigation. The FBI recently raided the home of Kevin Quinn who was fired by Madigan last year after being accused of sexual harassment.

The FBI's focus on Quinn, the younger brother of Alderman Marty Quinn, is just the latest politically connected investigation and follows on the heels of other high profile raids on the offices of aldermen Ed Burke and Carrie Austin.

The raid on Kevin Quinn's home happened in Mid-May, according to numerous sources with direct knowledge of the search who described seeing agents carrying out boxes and computers from Quinn's home in the West Beverly neighborhood.

Quinn did not return a call seeking comment. The FBI declined to comment or even confirm that they executed a search warrant.

Quinn was a long-time political operative in Madigan's organization on the southwest side. Quinn was fired after a Madigan campaign worker, Alaina Hampton, accused him of sexual harassment in 2018.

The search of Quinn's home comes on the heels of high profile raids on the offices of Alderman Ed Burke earlier this year, he was later indicted in an alleged shakedown scheme, and then Alderman Carrie Austin's South Side office earlier this month. She has not been charged.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who campaigned on reform and change, said she has no direct knowledge of the investigation.

"We have to be careful and cautious when we see these search warrants that are being executed because while they may leave a copy of what they're looking for it doesn't tell us anything about, about what's the nature of the investigation so we'll stand by and see what develops," Lightfoot said.

Quinn was deposed last year in a lawsuit brought by Jason Gonzales, who ran against Madigan for state representative 2016. Gonzales has sued Madigan, accusing him of running two sham Hispanic candidates against him in the race. Quinn is alleged to have taken part in efforts to circulate petitions for the two other candidates.

ABC7 reached out to a spokesman and the attorney for Madigan but they he did not return our calls seeking comment.
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