PHOTOS: Group releases list of Chicago's most endangered buildings

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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Seven buildings and structures in Chicago were identified by Preservation Chicago as the city's most endangered historic structures.

The organization released its 14th annual list on Wednesday and aims to highlight buildings and structures they believe are most endangered of demolition or loss.

Preservation Chicago said the purpose of the list is to "spotlight these structures, features and landscapes and encourage their reuse and possible restoration and renovation, which can positively impact and enhance our City, looking to the future."

The list includes:

1. Altgeld Gardens, 976 E. 132nd Place, Chicago

2. Chicago Union State Power House, 301 W. Taylor Street

3. Madison-Pulaski Commercial District, intersection of Madison and Pulaski

4. Cornell Store & Flats, 1230-1232 E. 75th Street

5. Jackson Park & South Shore CC Park, bounded by Lake Michigan, 56th, Stony Island, and 71st streets

6. Chicago water cribs, Lake Michigan

7. Chicago's 20th Century Public Sculptures, throughout Loop and downtown