Chicago area vigils held after Sri Lanka terrorist attacks

NAPERVILLE, Ill. (WLS) -- A week after hundreds of people were killed in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday, local vigils were held on Sunday.

In Naperville, people of faiths came together to show their solidarity. Worshipers from the Islamic Center of Naperville gathering outside St. Margaret Mary Parish.

"We have to show our solidarity with other people from different religions. We wanted to show them that we are fighting together to defeat this act of terrorism," said Arshed Aroos, of the Islamic Center of Naperville.

They held signs, pushing for unity, calling for love not hate.

And this Catholic church responded in-kind.

"In the world today it seems there is so much conflict and polarity and polarization, it's just terrible so I think it is wonderful when people reach out across borders and embrace one another," said Father Paul Hottinger, of St. Margaret Mary Parish.

The Islamic Center of Naperville kept the conversation going with an open house Sunday afternoon, including booths set up to teach about Islam.

Organizers believe education is key to bridging divides.

"We are humans. We all belong and are keepers of this earth and the world we live in. So no matter what your faith background is it is important that we all remember that we are connected in the same way," said attendee Antoinette Evans.

Organizers hope to build a stronger community.

"We have to come together in order to prevent this kind of horrific, barbaric acts," Aroos said.

Also on Sunday, a candlelight vigil was held for religious tolerance.
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