Toy Association releases list of top toys for summer

Summer is in full swing, and now more than ever parents are looking for ways to keep kids entertained.

The Toy Association recently released a list of their top toys for summer.

Isabel Carrion from the Toy Association, joining ABC 7 Chicago to tell us more.

Some of the top toys include:

Antsy Pants Flamingo & Cactus Ring Toss (ages 4+, $10.00)
Carrion said these ring toss games are perfect for the whole family and the rules are simple. She says they can also help improve children's hand-eye coordination, motor skills and socializing skills.

Build-A-Scooter, Radio Flyer (ages 3-7, $39.99)
Kids can now build and customize their own scooter through the Radio Flyer website. Every Build-A-Scooter combination offers lean-to-steer technology to improve balance and coordination, Carrion says.

Ribbon Ninja, Fat Brain Toys (ages 6+, $19.95)
Do you have what it takes to become a true Ribbon Ninja master? Carrion says the Ribbon Ninja is a fast-paced adventure that's sure to keep everyone active and on their toes.

She says the game is simple: each player has three colorful ribbons attached to their wristband. The goal is to snatch your opponents' ribbons before they snatch yours. the last ninja standing with at least one ribbon left wins the game!

Wicked Big Dodge Disc, Wicked Big Sports (ages 14+, $19.99)
This game takes Dodgeball to the next level with a Twist.

The object of this game is to successfully grab a disc and run back to your team's starting point and start throwing discs at the opposing team to try and get other players out. If you're hit with a disc, you're out; if you catch one, the person who threw it is out. The game continues until one team is eliminated.

Asweets Mini Camper Play House, Asweets (ages 3+, $199.99)
Start planning a road trip in your own backyard! Carrion says this pull-behind mini camper offers hours of fun pretend play with beautiful graphics and roll-up windows and doors that is sure to ignite the love of traveling in your little one.

The set includes 24 poles, hitch and camper tent.

Phlat Ball v3, Goliath (ages 5+, $12.99)
Lastly, Carrion says this game adds a twist to classic outdoor games. It's a unique sports toys that converts from a 9" disc to a 6" ball when thrown.

All you do is throw the disc and catch the ball. It also packs flat for easy portability.

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