Chicago trans rights activists speak out on Transgender Day of Visibility

Trans rights activists gave Chicago an "F" when it comes to supporting the transgender community
CHICAGO (WLS) -- The trans-led South Side organization, Brave Space Alliance, hosted a rally at Daley Plaza Thursday for Transgender Day of Visibility.

"It is very important that we have that intentional space to be seen, to be heard and be loved on because we are facing so much violence," said Jae Rice, communications director with Brave Space Alliance.

Organizers said the city isn't making the grade when it comes to supporting the trans community. They give the city an "F."

"The reason why Brave Space Alliance exists, and other organizations like that, is because the city and the state are failing us. They are not giving us actual equitable resources that is going to make sure we are not just surviving, but we are thriving," he said.

Many are mourning the recent loss of two Black trans women, Tatiana LaBelle and Elise Malary.

LaBelle's death has been ruled a homicide after her body was found stuffed in a garbage bin in East Chatham five days after her family reported her missing.

However, Malary's cause of death remains under investigation. The LGBTQ advocate was found dead along the lakefront in Evanston.

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"This space is specifically for Elise Mallory and Tee Tee -- for all of our other trans siblings that have been taken from us," Rice said.

In states across the country, trans people have been targeted by legislation.

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Earlier this month, Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb vetoed a bill that banned transgender girls from participating in girls sports for K-12 schools.

"People just want to be people. They want to be respected for who they are not discriminated against because of you know, the gender they were assigned at birth and the gender they identify with," said Elisabeth Menning, the president of the PFLAG chapter in Northwest Indiana.

The organization's mission is to support families, friends, and allies of people who identify as LGBTQ+.

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Menning said trans kids need more support.

"Just love your kids love your family accept them for who they are," she said.

Trans rights activists said the people in charge of making public policy should work with them to help improve the lives of trans people.
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