WE Day returns to the Allstate Arena

WE Day, a celebration of kids from across Illinois committed to giving back to their communities, is back once again with a big show set for tomorrow at the Allstate Area.

Tuesday students at Morgan Park High school got a little surprise as they spent time volunteering to help Chicago's homeless.

Monique Coleman, from Disney's High School Musical and Dancing with the Stars, made an appearance at Morgan Park High School.

Morgan Park is one of 700 schools across Illinois taking part in the Allstate Foundation's WE Volunteer Now campaign to help serve the community. These students chose to use their time to pack food and care backpacks to help the homeless.

"Taking part in this today is empowering. It makes you feel good because you get to help other people, you get to do stuff to help. I like to help other people, I'm a helper and loving person," said Kayla Wesley, freshman.

"I think that we're showing people in our community that the change starts today. We're always told that we're the future but that's not true we're the present. I think that we need to start living in the present and making an impact right now," said Emily Nelson, freshman.

Tuesday's donations from WE Day, Allstate and students at Morgan Park High School will benefit the Amani House shelter, Christian Community Health Center and Port Ministries.

"Genuinely I believe in the power of young people to change the world and I have this incredible platform with High School Musical, Dancing with the Stars and being this actress and a lot of young people, that's what they aspire to but what I know is, it's through achieving those dreams that I realized the most important thing that I can do is give back and be of service. So I want to show up for these young people to give back and be of service and show them that what they do matters," said Monique Coleman, Allstate Foundation Good Starts Young Ambassador

As a reward for all their hard work during the school year, students will pack the Allstate arena for the WE Day Concert. Performers and speakers, including ABC 7's Cheryl Burton and Will Jones, will be on hand for Wednesday's big event.
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