Bradley sisters hoax: Woman claiming to missing sister lied to family

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A woman that claimed she may have had new information about missing Chicago South Side Bradley sisters who have been missing for nearly 18 years turned out to be a hoax.

Tionda and Diamond Bradley were last seen near their South Side apartment back in 2001.

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The woman in Texas, who goes by the name LayLay Rodriguez on Facebook, claimed she was Tionda Bradley.

"She pretty much said she is Tionda, one is supposed to be her, the other supposed to be Diamond," said the girl's great aunt Sheila Bradley.

Age progression photos from the FBI suggest what Tionda and Diamond Bradley might look like now.

Tionda was just 10-years-old and Diamond, 4, when they went missing in July 2001 after leaving a note saying they were going to a store in the neighborhood.

The family is not giving up on the search for the girls. Age progression photos from the FBI suggest what the two might look like now.

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Earlier this week the FBI tweeted there remains a $10,000 reward for information in the case of the missing Bradley sisters.
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