'Working Man': Timely movie filmed in Chicago hits close to home

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A factory shuts down, those who made a living there, abandoned. A new movie follows one "Working Man" who won't accept that fate.

"I came upon this idea of a factory worker that continued to go back to his factory job even thought the plant had closed down, and in no small amount of irony, the factory where we shot in Chicago closed its doors for the last time in December after 70 years in production," said Bob Jury, who wrote and directed the movie.

"We feel like our story is something now that's maybe meeting the moment with so many people unemployed, so many workers wondering what's next," he said.

Talia Shire plays the man's bewildered wife.

Billy Brown, a mysterious neighbor joins his co-workers to stake their claim.

"What it means to have a job and occupation, something that you can rely on to feed your family, build yourself and live a good quality of life, so to have that taken away," Brown said. "Watching it unfold now in our current moment it can be devastating all around on many levels."

The supporting cast of "Working Man" is all from Chicago, along with the crew.

The film was supposed to open in theaters until the pandemic hit, now it'll be on demand and DVD.
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