Road rage attack in downtown Chicago caught on camera

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A road rage attack in downtown Chicago, in which a driver hit a car several times with a baseball bat, was caught on camera.

Police said the incident happened just before 6 a.m. on Lower Wacker Drive near Columbus. The eyewitness, who spoke to ABC7 Eyewitness News on the condition he remain anonymous, said the video doesn't tell the whole story.

"What you can see in the video is the guy in the black slamming the door shut and the other guy beating the bat on his car but before that he was running up to his car and assaulting him," the witness said.

Chicago police say the victim, the man in the black jacket, told police the driver cut him off and then got out of his car and took a bat to his passenger rear view mirror. The eyewitness said the man in the black jacket started the physical altercation.

"His arms were in the car and I could see him swinging and stuff and after that driver was trying to get out of the vehicle you can see the guy in the black jacket slamming the door shut and not letting him out," the witness said.

And based off what he saw seconds before he started filming, the eyewitness said there was more than one guilty party in this incident.

"At first it was scary cause you don't know living downtown what someone's going to pull out of their car there but he was just defending himself from the other guy attacking him," said the witness.

Chicago police said no injuries were reported and no one is currently in custody. The investigation is ongoing.
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