Valentine's Day flower arrangements at home

February 13, 2008 9:54:29 AM PST
Gretchen Harwood, owner of Flora, visited ABC 7 News Saturday morning with ideas for Valentine's Day Flower Arrangements you can make at home. 1. Romantic Centerpiece

Planning a romantic night in? Set the table (and the tone for the night) with a beautiful, sexy arrangement of red and burgundy wine colored flowers.


1 glass/ceramic bowl/low vase (great time to pull out that crystal or pewter bowl you never get to use!)

1 dozen red roses

10 stems deep burgundy wine carnations (you could also use mums)

3 stems dusty miller

2 stems seeded eucalyptus

5 stems basic greens


Fill the bowl with warm water and add flower food. Start by cutting your basic greens short and inserting them into the bowl on an angle, interweaving the stems together to create a support structure/bed of greens. Add in the dusty miller. Cut and insert 6 of the roses in a ring formation around the rim of the bowl. Cut and insert the other 6 roses into the center of the arrangement, filling in the empty space. Add in the 10 burgundy carnations at different spots in the arrangement. Finish by filling in any empty spaces with seeded eucalyptus.

Approximate cost = $80

2. Valentine's Day Cocktail Party Favors

Valentine's day isn't just a holiday for couples. It can be a fun way to get together with friends and have a singles Valentine's day party. Everyone deserves candy and flowers for Valentine's day so send them home with some great party favors!

Flower Arrangements ? quantity = 4


4 small 3"x3" glass cube vase or mini bubble bowl

1 dozen open hot pink roses (3/arrangement)

8 stems wax flower (2/arrangement)

8 small tropical leaves (2/arrangement)

2 yards pink ribbon (1/2 yard/arrangement)


Fill the glass cube vase with warm water and wrap one of the mini ti leaves inside. Cut 15" of ribbon and wrap it around the outside of the vase; use adhesive glue to adhere it. Group 3 open hot pink roses in your hand; in the other wire or rubber band them together as a posey at the highest point possible on the stems. Cut the stems below the wire/rubber band so they are about 3-4" long. Place the posey inside the cube vase. Cut small pieces of wax flower to fill in around the trio of roses. For a finishing touch, loop the other leaf and tuck it in one of the corners.

Approximate cost = $25 x 4 = $100

Martini Glass with Chocolates ? quantity = 4


4 martini glasses

2 boxes/bags colorful mixed chocolate candies (gourmet Cocoa Room or mixed Valentine's day M&Ms)

4 pieces cellophane

2 yards pink ribbon


Pour ½ box or bag of candy into a martini glass. Place the glass on top of the cellophane and pull the cellophane up on all 4 sides and tie them together at the top with your pretty pink ribbon.

Approximate cost = $10-15 (depending on chocolates used) x 4 = $40-60

3. Do-It-Yourself Bouquet

For the guys with that "do-it-myself" mentality, or who simply want to put more thought and personal touch to their bouquet this year, here is a beautiful bouquet for you to easily arrange and give to your special someone. You can use whatever flowers you would like, however, as a general rule, when doing your shopping, the following flowers are favorites among most ladies: calla lilies, oriental lilies, orchids, peonies, tulips, gerbera daisies, hydrangea, and roses.


3 stems of high priced flowers (e.g. calla lilies, oriental lilies, peonies, hydrangea, protea, large premium roses)

3 stems of mid-priced flowers (e.g. orchids, spray roses, hyacinth, lisianthus)

5 stems of lower-priced flowers (e.g. gerbera daisies, tulips, fuji or football mums, iris)

3 stems filler flowers (e.g. queen Ann's lace, wax flower, small pomps/mums, baby's breath)

3 stems higher end greens (e.g. dusty miller, seeded or spiral eucalyptus, myrtle, tropical leaf)

5 stems basic greens (e.g. lemon leaf, pittosporum)

1 large piece of cellophane, brown or white paper, or appropriate wrapping paper, some tissue, and a ribbon to tie the bouquet together


Start by holding your basic greens in one hand. Mix in your filler flowers among the greens ? arrange them at 3 different heights. Next add your 5 stems of lower priced flowers, again, arranging at different heights and mixing them into and around your greens. Then add the 3 mid-priced flowers, continuing to fill in the areas that have a flower "void" or that you feel visually need some added color or texture. Some flowers have longer stems and some shorter stems?for obvious reasons, use the taller stemmed flowers for your tall points and the short stemmed flowers for your low areas. By now you should have a nice arrangement of flowers and greens. For the finishing touches, add in your most expensive, focal flowers ? place them in areas of the bouquet (preferably at different heights but toward the front of the bouquet) where they will be easily viewed and appreciated. Finish the bouquet with the more expensive greens ? these should serve to add a final touch of texture to your bouquet. Lay out your cellophane/paper and put a couple sheets of tissue paper on top. Lay the bouquet angled to one of the top corners of the paper and tissue. Wrap the paper around the bouquet and tie it together with a pretty ribbon bow to secure the bouquet stays inside.

Approximate cost = $65

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