Collector turns hobby into museum

Real estate investor Steve Mullins began his collection with 9 jugs in 1947 at the age of 15.

"I was just intrigued by the characters themselves. They just hit me. If you're a collector-- and I am-- I just focused on one thing. And I really like these and I just kept picking them up one by one. And, over the years it just grew," said Mullins.

Mullins now has almost 7,000 jugs in 95 cabinets that span 4,000 square feet.

Mullins not only collects the Toby jugs, he also co-wrote two books on the subject.

"We think back in the 18th century when these started to become popular they might have been named after a fellow himself-- nicknamed Toby Fillpot, Henry Euels, he supposedly drank 10,000 gallons of a strong alcoholic brew."

Mullins continues to add to his collection.

"I feel very satisfied to set the museum up the way we have. I know collectors who have them in boxes, one room and another room and someplace else. I think it's something that's really professional. I feel satisfaction with it," said Steve Mullins.

American Toby Jug Museum

(By appointment only)

910 Chicago Avenue

Evanston, Illinois 60202



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