Woman shares worm wisdom

February 27, 2009 (CHICAGO) At first, the thought might make you squeamish. But a local woman believes that once you know the benefits of composting with worms you might warm up to the idea.

"They're not the earthworm that you would go fishing with really," said Stephanie Davies.

She calls herself the "urban worm girl." She makes her living promoting the work that worms do.

"I try to educate the community on the wisdom of the worms I say," said Davies.

Davies sets up special bins that allow clients to feed garbage, like food scraps and newspaper to the worms. The waste they produce is a nutrient-rich substance. It looks like coffee grounds and can be used to enhance soil in gardens and house plants.

"It's not smelly. It's not messy. It's an amazing process," said Davies.

"You think a worm bin in my house?" said Natalie Bianchi.

After learning about the process, Natalie Bianchi and husband John Bistolfo hired Davies to set up a worm bin in their home.

"We really wanted to reduce our waste. We already try to recycle as much as we can," said Bianchi.

As part of the package, they get a "worm party," a chance to invite their friends over to watch the process, learn about the system and possibly win some new recruits.

"It's an easier pet than a goldfish. You don't have to go out and buy the food. You already have that," said John Bistolfo.

The self-titled "urban worm girl" specializes in bins for tight city spaces like in condos and apartments.

For more information, visit http://urbanwormgirl.com.

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