Depp: Chicago is my favorite US city

June 9, 2009 The actor tells Vanity Fair that Chicago is his favorite U.S. city.

Depp is featured on the cover of the magazine's new issue.

In the article, he talks about spending time in Chicago last year while filming 'Public Enemies,' a movie about gangster John Dillinger. SLIDESHOW: Johnny Depp filming 'Public Enemies'

He sings the city's praises, and said, "Everybody [in Chicago] treated me normal. They'd say, 'Hey, Johnny,' then left me alone."

He also said, "I visited the Art Institute and the Chicago Music Exchange. I loved looking out the car window at all those incredible neighborhoods and architecture."

Of course, he also likes his private 45-acre island in the Bahamas and his 156-foot yacht. Depp lives in France and is known for his disdain of Hollywood.

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