Bobby and Jackie: A Love Story

August 4, 2009 (PRESS RELEASE) BOBBY AND JACKIE: A Love Story (Atria Books, July 16, 2009) chronicles the aftermath of the assassination and the way in which it impacted the two people closest to JFK. Written by Pulitzer Prize nominee C. David Heymann (whose previous books about the Kennedy family include the New York Times bestselling A Woman Named Jackie), what had been an open secret among Kennedy insiders for years is finally revealed.

Heymann draws on more than two decades worth of personal interviews, as well as previously unreleased reports by the Secret Service and the FBI made available through the Freedom of Information Act, to document the complex relationship.

After JFK's tragic assassination both Jackie and Bobby were inconsolable over their shared loss. Jackie struggled to deal with her new role as the widow of the President, while remaining fiercely protective of her children. Bobby, who had already experienced the loss of his eldest sister and brother, took Jack's death particularly hard. He vowed to be by Jackie's side as much as he could to help her cope with the devastating and very public loss, and to help raise his beloved niece and nephew. Their shared grief and overwhelming desire to maintain Jack's memory and ease the children's pain, helped them to forge a relationship that brought them together in ways that only now seem entirely natural.

What began as an affair in 1963 over shared grief, the love story between Jackie and Bobby lasted until his tragic assassination in 1968 while seeking the Democratic nomination for President. Though it had been whispered about for decades, in BOBBY AND JACKIE, readers will gain behind-closed-doors access to Bobby and Jackie's liaison, from late-night trysts at Jackie's Fifth Avenue apartment to fervent embraces at the Kennedy estate in Palm Beach. In between are the stories of Jackie's relationship with shipping tycoon, Aristotle Onassis, who competed with Bobby for Jackie's affection, Bobby's numerous affairs with other women, and Ethel Kennedy's open distain for her famous sister-in-law.

Poignant, illuminating, and enormously entertaining, BOBBY AND JACKIE is a glorious account of a legendary romance between two of the most fascinating figures in history.

About the Author

C. David Heymann is the internationally known author of such New York Times bestselling books as The Georgetown Ladies' Social Club; RFK: A Candid Biography of Robert F. Kennedy; Poor Little Rich Girl: The Life and Legend of Barbara Hutton; and A Woman Named Jackie: An Intimate Biography of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis. Three of his works have been made into award-winning NBC-TV miniseries. A three-time Pulitzer Prize nominee, he lives and works in Manhattan.

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