Shorts in November: Chicago enjoys warm day

November 8, 2009 (CHICAGO) A lot of people took advantage of the Indian Summer to get out and about around town.

ABC7 spotted some fans going to a Bears game wearing shorts-- in November. The game itself may have been a disappointment to fans, but the temperatures just could not be beat. In the hours before the action started, a group of kids tossed around a ball while their parents barbequed like it was the middle of July.

"A month ago, I had my coat on at my kids' game. So, this is kind of exciting to be in short sleeves," said Bears fan Diana D'aello.

"It's a little soft to have November weather like this in Chicago, but I love it," fan Ron Thomas said.

"Today, we just looked at the weather, called each other and just decided to show up," Tina Ng said.

And then, there was Lincoln Park Zoo. At a time of year when most of the animals are already in their winter enclosures, the lions and tigers luxuriated in the sun, although the weather may have been a bit too mild for one polar bear who opted for a nice, cool swim.

Either way, the zoo was packed with families happy to have one more day to enjoy outdoors.

"I was just complaining about the weather here in Chicago, and now it's a gorgeous day," said Dwayne Johnson.

"The last time I was at the zoo in November was when I was skipping school freshman year in high school," Steve Urbon told ABC7 Chicago.

Now, wouldn't it be nice if every November in Chicago was like this?

Yeah right.

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