Obama's brother-in-law promotes book

April 23, 2010 (CHICAGO)

Robinson met with customers and signed copies of the book "A Game of Character" at the Border's Book Store on State Street Friday. He holds a position that's never been occupied before -- brother-in-law to the president of the United States and head college basketball coach. The South Side native said his upbringing prepared him for this moment.

"When I wrote "A Game of Character"... it's sort of a love letter to my parents. The lessons resonated," said Robinson.

Robinson details his journey from Chicago to the Ivy League to his present post at Oregon State in the book. He says basketball can be a metaphor for life.

"Sports, specifically basketball, helps tell what people are like on the court. You can tell if somebody is selfish, if they're honest. I found that to be the case now that I've been playing all my life and now coaching," said Robinson.

Do his White House connections make it easier to recruit quality basketball players?

"What I found when you're recruiting kids to play basketball at this level they don't care who you're related to, they want to win games," said Robinson.

Robinson's book also talks fondly about his family life-- including his parents' first meeting with the man who would be president.

"When my sister and Barack left, my parents quickly said he's nice but too bad. The reason they said too bad is my sister never had a long-term boyfriend... probably won't stick around," said Robinson.

What does he think his late father, Frazier, would think about all this?

"I think he'd be proud of it, really excited, walking around with (his) chest poked out," said Robinson.

Robinson says he wouldn't mind eventually coaching in the Chicago area, but right now he's happy with his team and his life in the Pacific Northwest.

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