Singer Lisa McClowry

August 17, 2010 Sit with this lyric from singer/songwriter , Lisa McClowry's, "Utopia" for just a moment. These are more than lyrics. They're an invitation to escape and explore … to believe in something infinitely better than what we usually settle for.

In her self-titled album, Lisa McClowry (May 2010) reveals her authentic musical self with undeniable confidence and passion, generously gifting us with the thought-provoking life messages that feed her spirit. When Lisa sings, her voice carries us to a soundscaped garden where she soulfully unveils messages that are fresh and ripe with wisdom, fantasy and possibility. It's crystal-clear that this 4-octave beauty settles for nothing less than giving the best of herself to her music.

Lisa's journey to uncovering her true musical self began with longtime friend and musical partner, Thomas Linsk. Lisa, a classically-trained vocalist, and Tom, a studied jazz pianist, blended their distinctly different backgrounds with a common goal in mind - to break into the Chicago's nightlife. Youthful, driven and dedicated, the duo traded their social lives for many-a-late-night shows in smoky clubs and Hotels, eventually emerging as one of the hottest shows in Chicago. Lisa's vision for all that was possible grew with the show's success. Still deeply committed to the Tom & Lisa show , Lisa began to explore a solo career in LA.

In LA, Lisa collaborated with Mark Mothersbaugh (Devo) , and Lavant Coppock to co-write and perform "Through the Eyes of a Child" for the motion picture The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle. She performed the theme song, "Bridge to the Stars" for The Wild Thornberry's soundtrack, and was selected to sing the voice of the "Princess" in Rugrats in Paris: The Movie. With three movie credits to her name, Lisa found herself walking the red carpet at the premiere of Rugrats in Paris: The Movie. At that very moment, Lisa realized that while she was living her dream, her purpose was unclear. Grateful for her L.A. experience, Lisa headed back to the Midwest; red carpet rolled neatly behind her, and began locking in on a more purpose-driven career in music.

Growing up, Lisa and her family lived a simple life. The family of seven shared a two-bedroom, one bathroom home across from Midway Airport in Chicago. Sure, Lisa remembers the occasional clamor over the bathroom, but mostly, she recalls the real, raw "connection" she had with her family. "People and relationships are what ground me - they are the true inspiration for my music," she acknowledges. This simple truth, the idea that sometimes less is more, is what guided Lisa back to Chicago, where she currently lives with her husband & biggest fan, Perry, and surrounds herself with people and relationships that truly inspire her.

Now a new chapter begins, drawing on her influences and wealth of life experiences Lisa is embarking on her maiden voyage as a solo artist combined with the talents of friend and mentor Grammy award winner singer/songwriter (Eye of the Tiger, The Search is Over, Vehicle), Lisa is about to release the CD of her life. The self titled, Peterik produced disc will be released worldwide (May 2010) including future standard Roses for No Reason , Come Dancing , as well as an adult contemporary cover of one of Jim's chestnuts, Hold On Loosely. "This album draws from and expands on the work I did on Jim Peterik's Lifeforce album released Feb 2008. Through the lyrics and melodies we've created an alchemy that's bigger than us both." When you hear it you will agree the music draws from a higher source. Her voice will lift you to another sphere.

"My hope is that people will see themselves in my music…. see that there's more out there… uncover the truth in their soul…" Passion with purpose. That's Lisa McClowry.

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