'Large Guy' Sarno found guilty

December 22, 2010 (CHICAGO)

In a remarkably fast verdict, the jury convicted all defendants on all counts.

In this Intelligence Report: What convinced the jury so quickly and what does it for the mob?

It takes an impressive case to bring down "the Large Guy," the west suburban rackets boss Mike Sarno, who weighs in at least 380. But that's just what happened Wednesday when a federal jury announced guilty verdicts after only less then two full days of deliberations.

Sarno was convicted of running a racketeering enterprise in connection with a suburban gambling business. The six-week trial proved that Sarno had carved an alliance between the Chicago Outfit and the Outlaws motorcycle gang.

Outlaw biker members Anthony and Samuel Volpendesto, and Mark Polchan, along with Casey Szaflarski, were also convicted in the case punctuated by the 2003 bombing attack of a Berwyn video poker machine company. The firm had been competing with Sarno's Outfit-run video poker business.

There were loud gasps from family members when the guilty verdicts were read and crying as Sarno was taken into custody.

The sentencing date is May 23.

Only defendant Casey Czaflarski is being allowed to remain free on bond.

The lightning-fast verdict suggests a jury that was overwhelmed by the evidence and by the fact that four of the five defendants, including Sarno, didn't even put on a defense.

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